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Exam Code: 70-767
Exam Name: Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse (beta)
Q&As: 112

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70-767 dumps

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Which one of the following belongs to detailed site planning?
A. Max. UE Tx Power on RACH, CPICH Ec/No Offset.
B. Spreading code, PC overhead, Replacement Window.
C. Scrambling code, MHPA gain, ISHO neighbours.
D. Mobile Network Code, Max. Allowed DL Bit rate.
70-767 exam Answer: C
Which group of parameters should be highlighted at the border of multi mode network?
A. ISHO triggering.
B. Inter-frequency handover triggering.
C. Soft handover triggering.
D. Softer handover triggering.
Answer: A
How many radio links on average, per user connected, would be considered a reasonable
value for a soft handover overhead in a WCDMA network?
A. 1.7 to 1.8.
B. 1.3 to 1.4.
C. 1.5 to 1.6.
D. 1.9 to 2.
70-767 dumps Answer: B
At what level does radio interface synchronization have to be planned?
A. Site.
B. Carrier.
C. Cell.

Answer: C
During pre-launch optimisation how can coverage problems be indicated in a cell?
A. By having very high throughput [kbit/s] in a cell.
B. By having TX power limitation and high throughput [kbit/s].
C. By achieving TX power limitations of NodeB or UE.
D. By having TX power limitation and low throughput [kbit/s].
70-767 pdf Answer: D
Soft handover parameters are set per:
B. cell.
D. site.
Answer: B
The output of coverage planning is needed for which one of the following processes?
A. Propagation model tuning.
B. Transmission planning.
C. Loading field measurements.
D. Code planning.
70-767 vce Answer: D
Which kind of channels exists in the WCDMA technology and how are they mapped?
A. Logical mapped on physical channels.
B. Logical mapped on transport mapped on physical channels.
C. Transport mapped on logical mapped on physical channels.
D. Transport mapped on physical channels.
Answer: B
What is SHO gain?

A. It is an additional macro diversity gain against slow fading.
B. It is an additional micro diversity gain.
C. It reduces the radio link loss due to multiple handovers.
D. It is a software feature in RAN.
70-767 exam Answer: A
When the UE receives the RRCConnectionRelease message in state CELLFACH, the
message is received on the:
A. CCCH it releases all its radio resources and enters idle mode.
B. CCCH it sends the SMS on the Paging Channel and then enters the idle mode.
C. DCCH it releases all its radio resources and enters idle mode.
D. DTCH it continues to use the radio resource as long as the users need it.
Answer: A

In the hand-over control procedure, during an event 1B a primary scrambling code (SC):
A. is replaced from another SC.
B. leaves the active sets if its level is level under a threshold for a determined period of
C. enters the active set if its level is comparable to the already active ones, its level is
over a threshold for a determined period of
time and the active set size limit has not been reached.
D. is monitored in case of need.

70-767 dumps Answer: B
Soft handover areas and pilot pollution can be optimised by:
A. reducing NodeB Tx power.
B.down tilting NodeB antenna.
C. increasing UE TX power.
D. using compressed mode.
Answer: B
In passive distributed antenna systems, what are the MAIN components?
A. Splitters, connectors and electro-optic converters.
B. Diplexers, couplers, splitters, radiating and RF cables.
C. Splitters, optical fibres and jumpers.
D. Optical fibres, radiating cables and attenuators.
70-767 pdf Answer: B
How does little i (or other to own cell interference) affect the uplink load, if at all?
A. By increasing the load by
B. There is no affect, it only affects the downlink.
C. By increasing the load by a factor of (1 + i*powerrise).
D.By decreasing the load by a factor of (1 + i*powerrise).
Answer: C
Which one of the following analyses can be performed with an UE connected
measurement system but NOT with a scanner measurement system?
A. Drop call analysis.
B. SIR analysis.
C. P-CPICH coverage measurement.
D. SHO area measurement.
70-767 vce Answer: A
What inter-RAT criteria measurements should be highlighted in the border area of multi

mode network?
A. T.
B. R.
C. H.
D. S.
Answer: D
Inter cell interference CANNOT be reduced by:
A. limiting TX power of UE or NodeB.
B. down tilting NodeB antenna.
C. squeezing soft handover areas as a function of active set.
D. increasing the number of sectors per site.
70-767 exam Answer: C
Transmission time is NOT reduced in compressed mode by:
A. reducing the spread factor by 2.
B. using higher layer scheduling.
C. puncturing.
D. limiting NRT traffic.
Answer: D
Assuming that the BTS max. power is 43dBm/carrier, what is a typical value of the
parameter PtxPrimaryCPICH?
A. 23dBm.
B. 33dBm.
C. 20dBm.
D. 40dBm.
70-767 dumps Answer: B
In a site with 3 cells and 2 carriers, what is the total number of downlink hardware
channels needed if the amount needed for traffic is 158.7 per site and the amount used for
signalling is 8?
A. 183

B. 167
C. 255
D. 207
Answer: D

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