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Which technology focuses on Layer 2 distributed data centers?
A. FabricPath
B. Adapter FEX
210-451 exam Correct Answer: D
Cisco APICs utilize sharding to provide what function for an ACI fabric?
A. It provides scalability and reliability to the data sets generated and processed by the Distributed Policy Repository, the endpoint registry, the Observer, and the Topology Manager
B. It provides replication of application network policies across the APICs in the cluster
C. It provides a method for determining which APIC will act as the master in a fabric during the election process
D. It provides horizontal scaling ability for policy management on APICs
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is a feature that improves the performance of software applications that run on the Cisco UCS servers in a data center by bypassing the kernel when sending and receiving networking packets?
A. A, vPath
C. usNIC
D. VMware PassThrough
210-451 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which option lists the Cloud deployment models?
A. public, community, private, hybrid
B. cluster, community, private, hybrid
C. public, performance, private, hybrid
D. public, community, secure, hybrid

Correct Answer: A
Which three options are Common Cloud characteristics? (Choose three.)
A. single tenancy
B. elasticity
C. ubiquitous network access
D. metered service
E. QoS
210-451 pdf Correct Answer: BCD

One class B network 155. 16. 0. 0, the mask is 255. 255. 255. 192. Then subnet quantity available is ( ) , the host quantity in every subnet at most is ( )
A. 512 126
B. 1024 64
C. 1024 62
D. 256 254
E. 192 254
Correct Answer: C
For network segment, how many hosts it can hold at most?
A. 16
B. 8
C. 15
D. 14
E. 7
210-451 vce Correct Answer: D
The IP address 0. 0. 0.0 indicates ( ).
A. Network address
B. Broadcast address of specially designated network segment
C. All networks
D. Broadcast address of all nodes of local network segment
Correct Answer: C
What is the network address for 190. 233. 27. 13/16?
A. 190. 0. 0. 0
B. 190. 233. 0. 0
C. 190. 233. 27. 0
D. 190. 233. 27. 1
210-451 exam Correct Answer: B
Which of the following address types are reserved for multicast use?
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class E

D. Class D
Correct Answer: D
Which is the default network mask length of
A. 8
B. 16
C. 24
D. 32
210-451 dumps Correct Answer: C
What is the maximum bits of a Class B address can be used for subnet ?
A. 8
B. 14
C. 16
D. 22
Correct Answer: B
The subnet mask of a class a address is 250. 205. 240. 0, how many bits are used to divide subnet?
A. 4
B. 0
C. 9
D. 12
210-451 pdf Correct Answer: D
Which of the following statements are correct regarding OSPF Router LSA ?
A. Every router running OSPF must generate Router LSA.
B. In broadcast and NBMA network, only DR0ther generates Router LSA
C. Router LSA describes link states of the router in area.
D. Router LSA is flooded in the whole AS.
Correct Answer: AC
Which of the following statements are correct regarding Network LSA in OSPF network?
A. Network LSA is generated by ABR.
B. Only the router which connects NBMA or Broadcast Network may generate Network LSA.
C. DR uses Network LSA to describe routers that have established adjacency relation with it in the network.
D. Network LSA is flooded in the whole AS.
210-451 vce Correct Answer: BC
Which type of LSA is only used to calculate external route?
A. Type 1
B. Type 2
C. Type 3
D. Type 4
E. Type 5
Correct Answer: DE
Which of the followings are OSPF packet type ?
B. LS Request
D. LS Update
E. LS Ack
210-451 exam Correct Answer: BDE
Which of the following elements together uniquely identify a LSA?
A. LS type
B. Link state ID
C. Advertising Router
D. LS Sequence number
Correct Answer: ABC
Which of the following statements are correct regarding how OSPF detects old and duplicate LSAs?
A. The smaller the sequence number, the more recent the LSA.
B. The smaller the LS age, the more recent the LSA.
C. When router generates a new LSA at the first time, it will use Ox80000001 as the sequence number.
D. An LSA can be flushed from routing domain by setting its LSA age to \4axage.
210-451 dumps Correct Answer: BCD
Which of the following statements are correct regarding intra-area route calculation of OSPF?
A. Every OSPF router only uses one Router LSA to describe local active link state for one area.
B. Every OSPF uses more than one Router LSA to describe local active link state for one area.
C. One Router LSA only describes one link.
D. One Router LSA describes more than one link.
Correct Answer: AD
A customer is using the Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) to manage their storage environment comprising VSPs, HUS and HNAS platforms connected to Linux and Windows servers. Several of the HUS systems, as well as competitors arrays are virtualized behind the VSPs. Which three functions does the HCS provide in this environment? (Choose three.)
A. common GUI
B. server virtualization software
C. integration of all third-party arrays in a global storage management framework
D. single management tool for all Hitachi storage systems and virtualized storage environments
E. common CLI
210-451 pdf Correct Answer: ADE
Which Hitachi Command Suite product would be installed on a server different from the one where the Hitachi Device Manager software resides?
A. Tiered Storage Manager
B. Tuning Manager
C. Partition Manager
D. Replication Manager
Correct Answer: B
You are working within a Hitachi Device Manager environment. What are three benefits of implementing Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP)? (Choose three.)
A. Data written across multiple disks optimizes performance.
B. User capacity can be allocated before storage is purchased.
C. User data is automatically mirrored to secondary storage.
D. HDP volumes can be dynamically shrunk.
E. HDP volumes can be dynamically expanded.
210-451 vce Correct Answer: ABE
From the Mobility tab of the Hitachi Command Suite (HCS), which two operations would you perform to optimize placement of data within a Hitachi Dynamic Tiering (HDT) environment? (Choose two.)
A. Create an HDT tiering policy.
B. Edit Tier Relocation of HDT volumes.
C. Expand HDT volumes.
D. Start manual monitoring of HDT pools.
Correct Answer: BD
What information is provided by the Hitachi Device Manager Agent to the Hitachi Device Manager server? (Choose three.)
B. IP address
C. domain name
D. host name
E. MAC address
210-451 exam Correct Answer: ABD
Using Hitachi Device Manager, a customer needs to see all required information on a display but the screen layout is difficult to read. They do not need to see the volume labels. What should the customer do?
A. Access More Actions and choose Hide Labels.
B. Access Column Settings and deselect Labels.
C. Edit the ShowLabels parameter in the file and restart the HiCommandServer service.
D. Ask for the user profile to be changed to disallow labels.
Correct Answer: B
You want to restore the HiRDB database on a Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) server. Which two operations should you perform? (Choose two.)
A. Edit the server. properties file to prepare the database synchronization.
B. Open the Utility tab in the HCS GUI and select the Restore Database function.
C. Run the HiRDB backup/restore wizard and select the backup file to be restored.
D. Use the hcmdsdb /restore command to initiate the restore process.
210-451 dumps Correct Answer: AD
Which two operations would you perform on a VSP using the Element Manager feature of Hitachi Device Manager? (Choose two.)
A. Create a system disk.
B. Generate storage utilization reports for groups of storage systems.
C. View the configuration of a storage system.
D. Update a storage system microcode.
Correct Answer: AC
You want to create a Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning pool on a VSP using Hitachi Device Manager. Which two conditions apply? (Choose two.)
A. Drive types cannot be mixed.
B. LDEVs must be selected.
C. Parity groups must be selected.
D. The maximum pool number cannot exceed 127.
210-451 pdf Correct Answer: CD
Hitachi Device Manager manages file servers based on information sent from which two products? (Choose two.)
A. Netapp file servers
B. Hitachi High performance NAS platform
C. Hitachi NAS blades
D. Hitachi Data Ingestor
Correct Answer: BD
What must be setup before adding an HUS110 into Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) and discovering this storage system?
A. a Command Device in the HUS110 mapped to the HDvM server
B. a Storage Management Device in the HUS110 mapped to the HDvM server
C. a TCP/IP connection between the HUS110 and the HDvM server
D. a SAN connection between the HUS110 and the HDvM server
210-451 vce Correct Answer: C
Examine the image below:
Four areas of the image have been highlighted for your reference. In the image, what highlighted area is represented by the color green?
A. Banner ad
B. Image ad
C. In stream video
D. In video overlay
Correct Answer: C
Ben has created 60 videos for YouTube that he uses to promote his software training company. The videos are not promoted videos, but they are advertisements, informative sessions, and free computer lessons that he has published on YouTube. Ben would like to use YouTube Insight. How can he access this tool?
A. Ben can use YouTube insight for all of his videos if he will make one video a promoted vide o.
B. Ben can use YouTube insight by click his account name in YouTube, then choosing Insight.
C. Ben cannot use YouTube insight because his videos are not promoted videos.
D. Ben can download YouTube insight from the YouTube homepage, choosing applications, and then the YouTube Insight application.
210-451 exam Correct Answer: B
You are a consultant to John, who owns an online dog food company. You’ve recommended that John include his Google AdWords to some very specific placement types. In fact, you’ve told John that there are six different placement types he may choose from. Which of the following is NOT one of the six placement types included as part of the Google Content Network placement types?
A. Commerce
B. Audio
C. Game
D. Video
Correct Answer: A
You are creating an InVideo overlay ad unit based on YouTube’s FLA template. As you create this ad, you must follow some very specific requirements for the overlay to be accepted by YouTube. Which one of the following statements is an accurate statement about the overlay advertisement?
A. The maximum file size is 100KB, the maximum animation is 10 seconds, and the frame rate must be set to 30 frames per second.
B. The maximum file size is 100KB, the maximum animation is 10 seconds, and the frame rate must be set to 25 frames per second.

C. The maximum file size is 120KB, the maximum animation is 30 seconds, and the frame rate must be set to 10 frames per second.
D. The maximum file size is 10KB, the maximum animation is 3 seconds, and the frame rate must be set to 30 frames per second.
210-451 dumps Correct Answer: B
Fred is a Google AdWords consultant for his client. He is explaining to his client that there are actually three ways to add managed placements to an ad group. Which one of the following is NOT one of the three methods Fred can use to add managed placements to an ad group?
A. Browsing the Web for placements with the Google AdWords toolbar
B. Using the Placement tool
C. Copying from the automatic placement table
D. Manually adding
Correct Answer: A

210-451 dumps
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