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Question 1.What is another piece of essential information, in addition to the list below, which can be used to create a diagram of the customer organization?
-location(s) / geographical information
-reporting chains
A. business units
B. e-mail addresses
C. Help Desk functions
D. whether or not the customer has a dedicated Operations Center
000-003 exam Answer: A

Question 2.Which document describes what needs to be addressed in a security solution for a customer?
A. Installation History
B. Design Specification
C. Interface Specification
D. Requirements Specification
Answer: D

Question 3.How can a user bypass the strong authentication mechanism provided by IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On?
A. Get an authorization code from help desk.
B. Access the application using Web Workplace
C. There is no way to bypass strong authentication.
D. Reboot the system disabling the strong authentication.
000-003 dumps Answer: A

Question 4.Which three actions should be taken to improve the performance and availability of IBM Tivoli Directory Server? (Choose three.)
A. partition the directory if local applications require access to the full directory content
B. use a cascade replication topology to off-load replication work from the replica server
C. partition the directory if remote applications require access to the full directory content
D. distribute multiple replicas into other LANs with slow network connections to the master
E. partition the directory if local applications require access to a subset of directory content
F. use a peer-to-peer replication topology if any of the applications perform several updates to the directory
Answer: D,E,F

Question 5.What is the authoritative source of identity information about a user in an identity federation?
A. the SAML V1.1 protocol
B. the identity provider only
C. the service provider only
D. both the service and identity providers
000-003 pdf Answer: B

Question 6.A customer wants to consolidate authentication information for all existing products, such as IBM WebSphere, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, and IBM Tivoli Identity Manager with a single product. Which product can be an authentication information server for the customer?
B. Tivoli Data Warehouse
C. IBM Tivoli Directory Server
D. IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator
Answer: C

Question 7.With which other IBM product does IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager work seamlessly?
A. IBM Tivoli Backup Manager
B. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
C. IBM Tivoli Encryption Manager
D. IBM Tivoli System Storage Archive Manager
000-003 vce Answer: B

Question 8.After meeting with the customer, the following list concerning security is compiled:
-customer business requirements
-customer business requirements
-immediate business/security needs
-customer long-term business/security vision
-customer long-term business/security vision
-customer stated security requirements
-customer stated security requirements
What should also be included in this list?
A. list of products to be deployed
B. recognized security standards
C. existing change control processes
D. company complete organizational chart
Answer: B

Question 9.Which two types of information are needed when creating a document on a customer’s IT and business organizational structure? (Choose two.)
A. number of business units
B. annual expenditure on IT assets
C. number of employees in IT organization
D. list of divisions within the IT department
E. total number of systems used by the company
000-003 exam Answer: A,D

Question 10.The solution advisor is analyzing a customer business processes, and focusing on a subset dealing with cross-enterprise Web transactions, both HTML- and SOAP-based. Which three corresponding security requirements can be addressed by IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager? (Choose three.)
A. federated (cross-enterprise) Web single sign-on
B. federated (cross-enterprise) provisioning of users
C. federated (cross-enterprise) authorization of access to Web resources (SOAP only)
D. federated (cross-enterprise) authorization of access to Web resources (HTML only)
E. federated (cross-enterprise) authorization of access to Web resources (SOAP and HTML)
F. federated (cross-enterprise) assurance of compliance for both enterprises desktops and servers
Answer: A,B,E

Question 11.What are the two ways of configuring federation with IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager? (Choose two.)
B. Browser Post
C. Shared Cookies
D.Credential Cache
E.Artifact Resolution
000-003 dumps Answer: B,E

Question 12.Which three IBM products have achieved Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level certification as of July 2009? (Choose three.)
A. IBM Tivoli Directory Server
B. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
C. IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator
D. IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager
E. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business
F. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On
Answer: A,B,E

Question 13.After a number of interviews with various customer personnel, the term ser productivity ?logon and transaction experience came up as a business process. Other than the word logon there is not much in the way of additional description that gives insight into how that process relates to security. What is a good list of security (and related) elements that relate most closely to the process as identified above?
A. firewall, filtering router, and intrusion detection
B. SSL acceleration, content filtering, and pop-up blockers
C. single sign-on, personalization, scalability, and availability
D. identification, public-key infrastructure, and multi-factor authentication
000-003 pdf Answer: C

Question 14.What are three featured capabilities of IBM Tivoli Security Policy Manager? (Choose three.)
A. authors, administers, transforms, and distributes security policies
B. imports application roles and integrates with existing identity systems
C. simple authentication capability across all systems, services, and applications
D. delivers mainframe-class security and auditing in a lightweight, easy-to-use product
E. enforces policies across multiple policy enforcement points using runtime security services
F. centralizes security management and makes it easy and more cost effective to deploy secure applications
Answer: A,B,E

Question 15.Which three pieces of information should be given to a customer to help them prepare for the long-range vision and the future direction of their security solutions? (Choose three.)
A. Biometrics should be used for authentication.
B. Public-key infrastructure is the correct identity/authentication approach. C.
There must be a continued evolution towards standards-based solutions.
D. End-to-end security is needed, with no security gaps in common scenarios.
E. Integrated security solutions are preferable to point solutions” that are linked together.
F. Plug-in access control enforcement will eventually achieve dominance over proxy solutions.
000-003 vce Answer: C,D,E

Question 16.Which technology needs to be available when managing a nonstandard database with an IBM Tivoli Identity Manager adapter?
Answer: B

Question 17.Which skills are necessary to implement IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator to synchronize data between different registries and databases?
A. Java, JavaScript, DSML, SQL, and JNDI
B. C/C++, Perl Script, XSL, SSL, and LDAP
C. Java, JavaScript, HTML,SAML, and POP3/IMAP
D. WS-Provisioning, WS-Federation, SAML, and Liberty V1.2
000-003 exam Answer: A

Question 18.A customer has the following requirements:
a) System Administrators are allowed to log in to AIX servers any time of the day.
b) Database administrators are only allowed to log in to AIX servers between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00p.m. local time.
Which IBM Tivoli product is capable of enforcing login policies that will satisfy the above requirements?
A. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
B. IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager
C. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems
D. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On
Answer: C

Question 19.Which two requirements are addressed by implementing IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? (Choose two.)
A. authentication of users
B. enterprise single sign-on
C. role-based account provisioning
D. automation of account approvals
E. system-wide security compliance reporting
000-003 dumps Answer: C,D

Question 20.Which encryption method is used by IBM Tivoli Access Manager (Tivoli Access Manager) for e-business when Tivoli Access Manager is configured with the FIPS mode enabled?
A. SSLv3
B. TLSv1
C. WPAv2
D. Kerberos
Answer: B
000-003 dumps


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