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System Administrator, Cliff Warner, asks you how he can prevent the discovery of non-SNMP enabled devices in his infrastructure. Which advice should you offer?
A. Disable ICMP on the Data Collectors.
B. Change the ICMP packet size to zero.
C. Disable ICMP discovery in the Discovery profiles.
D. Continue to permit the discovery of all devices because CA Performance Management only monitors SNMP-based devices by default.
070-347 exam 
Answer: C
While logged in as a tenant administrator you begin creating the user accounts for that tenant. You want to assign a specific role to an account. However, the role does not appear to be among the available roles. What is the likely reason for this?
A. The role has not been created.
B. The role was assigned to another tenant.
C. You do not have permission to see the role.
D. Only CA Technologies Services can perform this action.
Answer: A
To help ensure that CA Performance Center operations run smoothly, which guidelines should you follow? (Choose three)
A. Check log files daily or at least weekly.
B. Purge log files manually every two weeks to avoid performance and space issues.
C. Test the Vertica database for consistency at least once a week using DBVisualizer.
D. Only change logging levels in the log4j.xml files for a service if advised to do so by CA Technologies support.
E. If you have access to the CA Performance Center server,run the grep-i command with the appropriate keyword to search multiple log files for error instances.
70-347 dumps 
Answer: A,D,E
QUESTION 9 The following application is set to auto-run at startup: Which approach would most reliably solve the problem this application will encounter? (Choose one.)
A. It should callThread.sleep() for ten seconds before pushing the screen to verify that the BlackBerry device has completed its boot up process
B. Threads should be moved to their own standalone class so that they do not cause a security exception
C. Theint values in the MenuItem constructor should equal the y MenuString length to leave enough room for the string
D. It should use theApplicationManager.inStartup() before pushing the screen to verify that the BlackBerry device has completed its boot up process
E. It should use theApplicationManager.inStartup() before pushing the screen to verify that the BlackBerry device has completed its boot up process
F. It should use theApplicationManager.inStartup() before pushing the screen to verify that the BlackBerry device has completed its boot up process
G. ThemakeMenu method of MainScreen must be overridden to use a menu
Answer: D,E,F
QUESTION 10 A developer is designing a BlackBerry device application that provides summaries of large amounts of data. The summaries require extensive computations. Which design approach will meet these requirements? (Choose one.)
A. Store the full set of data locally on removable media using a compressed format

B. Supplement memory available on the BlackBerry device and compute the results locally
C. Use URL encodings to expedite the transfer of data between a remote server and the BlackBerry device
D. Compute the summary on a remote server and access the results through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server connection
E. Use local storage and the floating point processor on the BlackBerry device to speed up computations
070-347 pdf Answer: B
QUESTION 11 A customer needs an application that will store temporary data and expose it to other BlackBerry device applications. Which API will meet this requirement? (Choose one.)
A. RuntimeStore
B. PersistentStore
C. Location Based Services
D. Global Events
E. Connector
Answer: A
QUESTION 12 An application requires the creation of a custom field that can display animation. Which class and
method combination should be used to accomplish this task? (Choose one.)
A. Field.paint(Graphics graphics)
B. MainScreen.paint(Graphics graphics)
C. Field.subpaint(Graphics graphics)
D. Screen.draw(Graphics graphics)
E. GameCanvas.paint(Graphics graphics)
070-347 vce Answer: A
QUESTION 13 Consider the Counter class whose code is below:
Assuming that the go() method is always invoked serially, why is a different count printed at the end
almost every time that it is invoked? (Choose one.)

A. Therun() method is not declared “synchronized”
B. The _count variable is not declared “synchronized”
C. The ++ operator is not atomic
D. The _count variable overflows
E. The Counter class is not declared “synchronized”
Answer: C
QUESTION 14 A developer is writing a game with custom graphics and animations that will need to fit on multiple
screen sizes for various BlackBerry devices. The developer needs to minimize the number of images
created for the game. Which API will support these requirements? (Choose one.)
B. Display
C. Transition
D. Multimedia
E. Game
070-347 exam Answer: A
QUESTION 15 Which three of the following options are contained in a component pack? (Choose three.)
A. BlackBerry Device Simulator
B. JavaDocs
C. API Library
D. Code signing keys
E. Unit Tests Framework
Answer: A,B,C
QUESTION 16 Which push header should be used to verify that push requests are received by a BlackBerry device
application? (Choose one.)
A. X-Rim-Push-Reliability: Transport
B. X-RIM-Push-Deliver-Before Mon, 03 Aug 2009 15:52:00 GMT
C. X-RIM-Push-Deliver-After: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 15:52:00 GMT
D. X-Rim-Push-Priority: High
E. X-Rim-Push-Reliability: Application
070-347 dumps Answer: E
QUESTION 17 An application is needed that can store a list of sales data and customer information. The application
will also need the ability to search through this data and summarize it in an efficient manner. Which data
storage mechanism will assist in meeting all of these requirements? (Choose one.)
A. SQLite
B. PersistentStore
C. RecordStore D.
RuntimeStore E.
Answer: D

QUESTION 18 Which two of the following classes could be used to check the coverage status? (Choose two.)
A. Radio
B. ConnectionFactory
C. TransportInfo
D. CoverageSate
E. CoverageInfo
070-347 pdf Answer: C,E
QUESTION 19 A developer has been asked to create an application that will display the full name of all people in a
BlackBerry device user address book. The following code is written:
Which two of the following actions must be taken before this code is executed to ensure
compatibility across all versions of BlackBerry Device Software? (Choose two.)
A. The application should initialize all entries of thecontactName String array to empty Strings
B. The application should use theContact.countValues method to verify that the Contact.NAME field
contains an entry
C. The application should verify that it can write to the user address book using
theApplicationPermissions API
D. The application should use theisNull method to verify that the Contact.NAME values are not null
E. The application should use theContactList.isSupportedField method to verify that the
Contact.NAME field can be read
Answer: B,E
QUESTION 20 Consider the code below:

How will the connection route be affected? (Choose one.)
A. The connection is never routed through the BlackBerry Infrastructure
B. The connection is routed over the cellular network
C. The connection is routed over the Wi-Fi
D. The connection is routed over the BlackBerry Internet Service -B
E. The connection is never routed through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
070-347 vce Answer: E
QUESTION 21 Consider the addTask() method defined below. Its purpose is to receive incoming tasks and put them
into a Vector, _tasks. Another thread will continuously remove the task at index 0 from the Vector.
Assuming that addTask() is being invoked at a rate roughly equal to the rate at which the tasks are being
processed, which concurrency issue may occur during execution? (Choose one.)
A. Livelock
B. Deadlock
C. Race condition
D. Starvation
E. Unfairness
Answer: D
QUESTION 22 Consider the following small application which creates a linked list like structure:

After execution, at which statement does the ListElement object created at line 6 become a candidate for
garbage collection? (Choose one.)
A. 16
B. 17
C. 21C.21
D. 22D.22
E. 23E.23
070-347 exam Answer: B
QUESTION 23 Which keys are required to use the encryption classes in the Java API in order to store encrypted data
on a BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. Code development keys
B. Code signing keys
C. Code runtime keys
D. Code encryption keys
E. Code storage keys
Answer: B

The permanent licenses on the controller will be deleted with the use of which command?
A. delete license
B. write erase
C. Licenses cannot be deleted once activated
D. write erase all
070-347 dumps 
Answer: D
Which statement is true about the Content Security License?
A. Applied to the master controller
B. Applied to all the controllers in the network
C. It is based on number of users
D. It is based on number of APs
Answer: C
QUESTION NO: 26 What is the best practice regarding licensing for a backup master to support Master Redundancy?
A. Backup master only requires the AP license
B. License limits should be the same on primary master and backup Master
C. Licenses are pushed from the primary to the backup Master along with the configuration
D. Backup Master does not require licenses to support master redundancy
070-347 pdf 
Answer: B
Which may be applied directly to an interface? (Choose all the correct answers.)
A. Access List (ACL)
B. Firewall Policy
C. Roles
D. RF Plan Map
Answer: A,B
What new firewall action was added specifically for use with Aruba’s Content Security Service?
VisualRF supports import of floor plans from:
A. dst-nat
B. dual-nat
C. route dst-nat
D. redirect to tunnel
070-347 vce 
Answer: C
When creating a firewall policy, which of the following parameters are required? (Choose all the
correct answers.)
A. Destination
B. Service
C. Source
D. Log
E. Action
Answer: A,B,C,E
In all unmodified default AAA profiles, in which default initial role is the user placed?
A. trusted-ap
B. guest
C. pre-guest
D. logon
070-347 exam 
Answer: D
When are the system-defined default roles added to the configuration on the controller?
A. when the controller is first booted
B. when an RF Proctect license is added to the controller
C. when created manually
D. when a PEF-NG license is added to the controller
Answer: D
When a user first associates to the WLAN, what role are they given?
A. the guest role
B. the stateful role
C. the initial role in the server group profile
D. the initial role in the AAA profile
70-347 dumps
Answer: D
Which of the following could be used to set a user’s post-authentication role or VLAN association?
(Choose all the correct answers.)
A. AAA default role for authentication method
B. Server Derivation Rule
C. Vendor Specific Attributes
D. AP Derivation Rule
Answer: B,C
Which describe “roles” as used on Aruba Mobility Controllers? (Choose all the correct answers.)
A. Roles are assigned to users.
B. Roles are applied to interfaces.
C. Policies are built from roles.
D. A user can belong to only one role at a time.
070-347 pdf 
Answer: A,D
Which netdestination aliases are built into the controller? (Choose all the correct answers.)
A. mswitch
B. any
C. user
D. guest
Answer: A,B,C
What are aliases used for?
A. improve performance
B. simplify the configuration process
C. tie IP addresses to ports
D. assign rules to policies
070-347 vce Answer: B
Which of the following statements allows a user to initiate an HTTP session to other devices?
A. any alias internal-nets svc-dns permit
B. user any svc-http permit
C. user user svc-http permit
D. any any svc-http permit
Answer: B,D

070-347 dumps

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