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Universal Containers has an upcoming maintenance window where read-only access will be available
Which two actions will Universal Containers be able to perform during this window? Choose 2 answers
A. Run and view Salesforce reports
B. Post report information on Chatter
C. Update case data for a customer
D. Review existing cases for an account
Correct Answer: AD

A Consultant arrives for a requirements workshop, but key resources are absent. What is the likely reason the key
resources are absent?
A. The proper roles, resources, and risks were not identified.
B. The resources were not on the Project Kick-off
C. The purpose and scope were not defined
D. The project plan did not receive sign-off
Correct Answer: A

A new support center has only one part-time Service Rep. Which step should a Consultant take to ensure that Case
Aging is tracked accurately?
A. Let the Service Rep change the Business Hours on the Case
B. User a time-dependent Workflow Rule to update Case Status
C. Use an Escalation Rule to assign open Cases to another user
D. Let the service Rep enter the appropriate Case age Value
Correct Answer: B

The Forecast Category on the Opportunity record maps directly, on a one-to-one basis, to the aggregates on the Forecast tab.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

The sales representatives at Universal containers use various email applications and often receive important customer
emails while they are away from the office. Sales management wants to ensure sales representatives are recording
email activity with customers in salesforce while they are away from the office.
What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
A. Download and install a salesforce universal connector for their smartphone and computers
B. Copy and paste emails manually to the customer record in Salesforce from their smartphones and computers
C. Download and install the salesforce for outlook connector on their smartphones and computers
D. Forward emails using their email-to-salesforce email address from their smartphones and computers
Correct Answer: D

Cloud Kicks requires sales associates to record all activities within Salesforce. Which sales metric can be derived from
these activities?
A. Close Rate
B. Close Rate
C. Rate of Contact
D. Marketing Influence
Correct Answer: C

Universal Containers is devising a separate sales methodology to upsell service contracts to its existing customer base.
The company would like to track and report on these deals separately from other deals. What should a consultant
recommend to meet this requirement?
A. Add upsell as a stage and create a summary report by opportunity stage
B. Create an opportunity record type and sales process for reporting on these deals
C. Create separate page layout and report to flag and report on these deals
D. Create a customer filed on opportunity to flag and report on these deals.
Correct Answer: B

Which two areas can an Administrator make Open CTI features available to users when building a Lightning App using
the App Manager? Choose 2 answer
A. On utility bar of the Lightning App
B. On a record Highlights Panel
C. On a record Activity Feed List
D. On the Calendar right hand panel
Correct Answer: AC

Territory mgt is enabled. Users should be able to track account plans for each account they have access to
A. Create lookup relationship account -> account plan
B. Create master detail relationship account -> account plan
C. Review territory mananagement settings
D. Validation rule
Correct Answer: B

Universal Containers wants to implement a website for a new product launch. The site should be publicly available,
allow visitors to submit requests for information, and be managed by the non-technical marketing team. Which solution
should the consultant recommend?
A. Lightning Platform
B. Salesforce Mobile Sites
C. Lightning Components
D. Customer Community
Correct Answer: D

Cloud Kicks has three unique product lines, each with a unique sales cycle. Prospect qualification is consistent across
the product lines; sales representatives then follow the specific product line\\’s sales cicle Which two actions should a
Consultant recommend to achieve these requirements? Choose 2 answers
A. Define the default opportunity teams for each opportunity record type.
B. Define sales stages that align with opportunity record types.
C. Create sales process to map to each opportunity record type
D. Create opportunity record types for each sales process.
E. Create public groups for each opportunity sale process.
Correct Answer: BC

A Salesforce partner regularly works with Salesforce Account Executives to close deals with clients that are looking for a
partner to implement Sales Cloud. As new partner sales reps are on-boarded, they spend quite a bit of time trying to
determine which Account Executive maps to which Accounts and Opportunities. What should the Consultant
recommend when rolling this out?
A. Add a Lookup field on the Opportunity to indicate Partner Executives
B. Add the Title field to all Contact Layout
C. Implement Account Contact Roles
D. Implement Account Partner Roles
Correct Answer: C

Universal Containers was bought by a larger company and needs to provide information on a monthly basis to the new
parent company to help predict sales. Which data should the new parent company review?
A. Dashboard of user login history
B. Count of new lead records created
C. Number of activities tied to opportunities
D. Opportunity pipeline report grouped by month
Correct Answer: D

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