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When configuring the WLC for single sign-on for the NAC, which device is used for the RADIUS accounting IP address?
A. Cisco NAC Appliance Manager
B. Cisco NAC Appliance Server
C. Cisco NAC Guest Server
D. Cisco ACS
E. Cisco WCS
642-737 exam 
Correct Answer: A

Which option verifies that a wireless client has authenticated to a WLAN when performing NAC using the Cisco NAC Appliance Manager and Server?
A. Cisco CAM OOB Management > Devices > Discovered Clients
B. Cisco CAS OOB Management > Devices > Discovered Clients
C. Cisco CAM Monitor > View Online Users
D. Cisco CAS Monitor > View Online Users
Correct Answer: C

802.1X AP supplicant credentials have been enabled and configured on a Cisco WLC v7.0 in both the respective Wireless>AP>Global Configuration location and AP>Credentials tab locations. What describes the 802.1X AP authentication process when connected via Ethernet to a switch?
A. Only WLC AP global credentials are used.
B. Only AP credentials are used.
C. WLC global AP credentials are used first; upon failure, the AP credentials are used.
D. AP credentials are used first; upon failure, the WLC global credentials are used.
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Correct Answer: B

Which two statements best describe the local authentication configuration options for a Cisco WLC v7.0 and local mode AP? (Choose two.)
A. LEAP and EAP-FAST only
D. EAP-FAST with PAC provision only
E. EAP-FAST with PAC or certificate provision

Correct Answer: BE

Client Management Frame Protection is supported on which Cisco Compatible Extensions version clients?
A. v2 and later
B. v3 and later
C. v4 and later
D. v5 only
642-737 pdf 
Correct Answer: D

Which three items must be configured on a Cisco WLC v7.0 to allow implementation of isolated bonding network? (Choose three.)
A. RADIUS server IP address
B. DHCP IP address
C. SNMP trap receiver IP address
D. interface name
E. SNMP community name
F. ACL name
Correct Answer: ADF

Which three WLAN polices can be controlled by using the Cisco IBNS on the Cisco WLC and Cisco Secure ACS? (Choose three.)
A. QoS setting
C. EAP type
E. authentication priority order
F. NAC state
642-737 vce 
Correct Answer: ABD

A major justification for investments in computer-integrated manufacturing CIM) projects is:
A. Reduction in the costs of spoilage, reworked units, and scrap.
B. Lower Carr ring amount and depreciation expense for factory equipment.
C. Increased working capital.
D. Stabilization of market share.
Correct Answer: A
Automating and computerizing production processes requires a substantial investment infined assets and an increase in risk because of greater fixed costs. CI also necessitates anincrease in software costs and extensive worker retraining. However, the costs of spoilage,rework, and scrap are reduced along with labor costs. The qualitative advantages of I areincreased flexibility, shorter manufacturing lead time, quicker development of new products,better product delivery and service, faster response to market changes, and improvedcompetitiveness.

A major benefit of computer integrated manufacturing CIM) is:
A. Increased amount of scrap available for resale.
B. Increased working capital.
C. Delivery of customized products with long lead times.
D. Increased flexibility.
642-737 exam 
Correct Answer: D
CIM entails a holistic approach to manufacturing in which design is translated into productby centralized processing and robotics. CIM can help an organization reduce costs ofspoilage, increase flexibility, and increase productivity. Flexibility is the key benefit. Atraditional manufacturing system might become disrupted from an emergency change, butCII1 will reschedule everything in the plant when a priority requirement is inserted into thesystem.

The effect of just-in-time production approaches:
A. Reduces the dependency on suppliers.
B. Reduces the cost of implementing strategies.
C. Decreases production facility flexibility.
D. Increases the need for a dependable workforce.
Correct Answer: B
Just-in-time JIT) production approaches can reduce the cost of production. It lowers oreliminates inventory costs and requires production improvements to eliminate productdefects.

A manufacturer uses a materials requirements planning 1RP) system to track inventory, orders, and raw material requirements. A preliminary audit assessment indicates that the organization’s inventory is understated. Using audit software, what conditions should the auditor search for in the MRP database to support this hypothesis?
I.Item cost set at zero.
II. Negative quantities on hand.
III. Order quantity exceeding requirements.
IV. Inventory lead times exceeding delivery schedule.
A. I and II only.
B. I and I only.
C. II and I only.
D. III and I only.
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Correct Answer: A
If there is no monetary amount in the database for existing inventory, inventory will beunderstated. Moreover, inadequate edit checks or uncontrolled borrow/ paybacks could causenegative quantities to be reported. This condition would cause inventory to be understated. Ifthe amount ordered exceeds requirements, the result is an increase in inventory. However, byitself, this condition would not cause inventory to be understated or overstated. Also, if leadtimes are longer than delivery times, the effect is an increase in inventory but not necessarilya misstatement.

The internal auditor found that the purchasing department has a policy of setting all purchasing lead times to the highest number of days experienced within each product subassembly}, even though some subassemblies required 3 or more months to complete. To address the objective of reducing inventory holding costs related to this policy, the internal auditor should focus on:
A. Reviewing production requirements for a sample of products to determine at which pointin the production process materials and subassemblies are needed.
B. Evaluating whether product-line assignments were rotated among the members of thepurchasing department.
C. Identifying signature approval authority} among members of the purchasing department inrelation to any computer system controls.
D. Testing those products having the highest sales to determine the average number of daysthat the completed products were held in inventory.
Correct Answer: A
The effect of this policy is to increase inventory holding carrying) costs. Using the longestlead time avoids stockout costs but ensures that many items will be delivered long beforethey are needed.

Just-in-time JIT) inventory systems have been adopted by large manufacturers to minimize the carrying costs of inventories. Identify the primary vulnerability of JIT systems.
A. Computer resources.
B. Materials supply contracts.
C. Work stoppages.
D. Implementation time.
642-737 pdf 
Correct Answer: C
JIT minimizes inventory by relying on coordination with suppliers to provide deliveries whenthey are needed for production. Consequently, work stoppages are more likely due to Stockouts, because the inventory buffer is reduced or eliminated.

A company manufactures banana hooks for retail sale. The bill of materials for this item and the parts inventory for each material required are as follows: An incoming order calls for deliver,” of 2,000 banana hooks in 2 weeks. The company has 200 finished banana hooks in current inventory. If no safety stocks are required for inventory, what are the company’s net requirements for swag hooks and screws needed to fill this order?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: B
The company needs 1,800 banana hooks 2,000 — 200) and therefore 1,800 swag hooks 11,800) and 3,600 wood screws 2 1,800). Given that 300 swag hooks and 400 wood screwsare on hand, the company must obtain 1,500 swag hooks 1,800 — 300) and 3,200 woodscrews 3,600 400).

The purpose of the economic order quantity model is to:
A. Minimize the safety stock.
B. Minimize the sum of the order costs and the holding costs.
C. Minimize the inventory quantities.
D. Minimize the sum of the demand costs and the backlog costs.
642-737 vce 
Correct Answer: B
The purpose of the EOQ model is to minimize the sum of inventory order costs setup) andholding carrying) costs. The EOQ equals the square root of: twice the annual demandmultiplied by the variable cost per order, divided by the unit periodic holding cost.

Which of the follov5ring is used in determining the economic order quantity ECQ)?
A. Regression analysis.
B. Calculus.
C. Markov process.
D. Queuing theory
Correct Answer: B
The primary business application of differential calculus is to identify the maxima or minimaof curvilinear functions. In business and economics, these are the points of revenue or profitmaximization maxima) or cost minimization minima). The Eli results from differentiating thetotal cost with regard to order quantity.

The EOQ economic order quantity) model calculates the cost-minimizing quantity of a product to order, based an a constant annual demand, carrying costs per unit per annum, and cost per order. For example, the EOQ is approximately 447 units if the annual demand is 10,000 units, carrying costs are US $1 per item per annum, and the cost of placing an order is US $10. What will the EOQ be if the demand falls to 5,000 units per annum and the carrying and ordering costs remain at US $1 and US $10, respectively?
A. 316
B. 447
C. 483
D. 500
642-737 exam 
Correct Answer: A
The ECQ formula is
X =(2AD/K)1/2

A company stocks, maintains, and distributes inventory. The company decides to add to the safety stock and expedite delivery for several product lines on a trial basis. For the selected product lines the company will experience:
A. An increase in some costs but no change in the service level.
B. A change in the service level.
C. An increase in ordering, carrying, and delivery costs.
D. decrease in ordering, carrying, and delivery costs.
Correct Answer: B
Safety stocks are amounts held in excess of forecasted demand to avoid the losses associatedwith stockouts. Holding safety stocks improves the level of service to customers at theexpense of increased holding costs.

Which of the following inventory items would be the most frequently reviewed in an ABC inventory control system?
A. Expensive, frequently used, high stock-out cost items with short lead times.
B. Expensive, frequently used, low stock-out cost items with long lead times.
C. Inexpensive, frequently used, high stock-out cost items with long lead times.
D. Expensive, frequently used, high stock-out cost items with long lead times.
642-737 dumps 
Correct Answer: D

The ABC system is a method for controlling inventories that divides inventory items intothree groups:
Group A — high-monetary value items, which account for a small portion perhaps 10%) ofthe total inventory usage
Group B — medium-monetary value items, which may account for about 20°10 of the totalinventory items
Group C — low-monetary value items, which account for the remaining 70% of sales orusage The ABC system permits the proper degree of managerial control to be identified andexercised over each group. Group A items are reviewed on a regular basis. Group B itemsmay not have to be revered as often as group A items, but more often than group C items. Forgroup C, extensive use of models and records is not cost effective. It is cheaper to order largequantities infrequently. The ABC method therefore reduces the safety-stock investmentbecause high-value items are frequently monitored and medium- value items are monitoredmore often than inexpensive items. Frequent review can prevent stockouts and decreaseinventory levels, and the cost of such review is minimized if it is limited to high- or mediumvalueitems.

642-737 dumps

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