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New EC-COUNCIL ECSAV10 exam practice questions(q1-q13)

John, a security analyst working for the LeoTech organization, was asked to perform penetration testing on the client
organizational network. In this process, he used a method that involves threatening or convincing a person from the
organization to obtain sensitive information.
Identify the type of penetration testing performed by John on the client organization?
A. Wireless network penetration testing
B. Social engineering penetration testing
C. Mobile device penetration testing
D. Web application penetration testing
Correct Answer: B

Output modules allow Snort to be much more flexible in the formatting and presentation of output to its users. Snort has
9 output plug-ins that push out data in different formats. Which one of the following output plug-ins allows alert data to
be written in a format easily importable to a database?
A. unified
B. csv
C. alert_unixsock
D. alert_fast
Correct Answer: B

As a security analyst, you set up a false survey website that will require users to create a username and a strong
password. You send the link to all the employees of the company. What information will you be able to gather?
A. The employees network usernames and passwords
B. The MAC address of the employees\\’ computers
C. The IP address of the employee’s computers
D. Bank account numbers and the corresponding routing numbers
Correct Answer: C

Julia is a senior security analyst for Berber Consulting group. She is currently working on a contract for a small
accounting firm in Florida; They have given her permission to perform social engineering attacks on the company to see
if their in-house training did any good. Julia calls the main number for the accounting firm and talks to the receptionist.
Julia says that she is an IT technician from the company\\’s main office in Iowa; She states that she needs the
receptionist\\’s network username and password to troubleshoot a problem they are having. Julia says that Bill
Hammond, the CEO of the company, requested this information. After hearing the name of the CEO, the receptionist
gave Julia all the information she asked for. What principle of social engineering did Julia use?
A. Reciprocation
B. Friendship/Liking
C. Social Validation
D. Scarcity
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following acts related to information security in the US establish that the management of an organization is
responsible for establishing and maintaining an adequate internal control structure and procedures for financial
A. USA Patriot Act 2001
B. Sarbanes-Oxley 2002
C. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
D. California SB 1386
Correct Answer: B

Ross performs security tests on his company\\’s network assets and creates a detailed report of all the findings. In his
report, he clearly explains the methodological approach that he has followed in finding the loopholes in the network.
his report does not mention the security gaps that can be exploited or the amount of damage that may result from
the successful exploitation of the loopholes. The report does not even mention the remediation steps that are to
taken to secure the network.
What is the type of test that Ross has performed?
A. Penetration testing
B. Vulnerability assessment
C. Risk assessment
D. Security audit
Correct Answer: B

While scanning a server, you found RPC, NFS, and mount services running on it. During the investigation, you were told
that NFS Shares were mentioned in the /etc/exports list of the NFS server. Based on this information, which among the
following commands would you issue to view the NFS Shares running on the server?
A. showmount
B. nfsenum
C. mount
D. rpcinfo
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following external pen testing tests reveals information on price, usernames and passwords, sessions,
URL characters, special instructors, encryption used, and web page behaviors?

ECSAV10 exam questions-q8

A. Check for Directory Consistency and Page Naming Syntax of the Web Pages
B. Examine Server Side Includes (SSI)
C. Examine Hidden Fields
D. Examine E-commerce and Payment Gateways Handled by the Web Server
Correct Answer: C

What are the security risks of running a “repair” installation for Windows XP?
A. There are no security risks when running the “repair” installation for Windows XP
B. Pressing Shift+F1 gives the user administrative rights
C. Pressing Ctrl+F10 gives the user administrative rights
D. Pressing Shift+F10 gives the user administrative rights
Correct Answer: D

Robert is a network admin in XYZ Inc. He deployed a Linux server in his enterprise network and wanted to share some
critical and sensitive files that are present in the Linux server with his subordinates. He wants to set the file access
permissions using chmod command in such a way that his subordinates can only read/view the files but cannot edit or
delete the files.
Which of the following chmod commands can Robert use in order to achieve his objective?
A. chmod 666
B. chmod 644
C. chmod 755
D. chmod 777
Correct Answer: B

A wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) monitors the radio spectrum for the presence of unauthorized, rogue
access points and the use of wireless attack tools.
The system monitors the radio spectrum used by wireless LANs, and immediately alerts a systems administrator
whenever a rogue access point is detected. Conventionally it is achieved by comparing the MAC address of the
wireless devices.
Which of the following attacks can be detected with the help of a wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS)?

ECSAV10 exam questions-q11

A. Social engineering
B. SQL injection
C. Parameter tampering
D. Man-in-the-middle attack
Correct Answer: D

Watson works as a Penetrating test engineer at Neo security services. The company found its wireless network
operating in an unusual manner, with signs that a possible cyber attack might have happened. Watson was asked to
resolve this
problem. Watson starts a wireless penetrating test, with the first step of discovering wireless networks by war-driving.
After several thorough checks, he identifies that there is some problem with rogue access points and resolves it.
rogue access points involves a series of steps.
Which of the following arguments is NOT valid when identifying the rogue access points?
A. If a radio media type used by any discovered AP is not present in the authorized list of media types, it is considered
as a rogue AP
B. If any new AP which is not present in the authorized list of APs is detected, it would be considered as a rogue AP
C. If the radio channel used by any discovered AP is not present in the authorized list of channels, it is considered as a
rogue AP
D. If the MAC of any discovered AP is present in the authorized list of MAC addresses, it would be considered as a
rogue AP
Correct Answer: D

In which of the following IDS evasion techniques does IDS reject the packets that an end system accepts?
A. IPS evasion technique
B. IDS evasion technique
C. UDP evasion technique
D. TTL evasion technique
Correct Answer: D

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