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Exam Code: 70-740
Exam Name: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
Q&As: 162

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70-740 dumps

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In the absence of his normal dealer contact, a counterparty calls the back office and asks the clerk for his
opinion about how long his money should be placed on deposit. What action should the back office clerk
A. He should give his opinion.
B. He should give his opinion and tell the counterparty that he is not qualified to do so.
C. He should tell the counterparty that he is not qualified to give an opinion and refer the counterparty to
another dealer.
D. He should give his opinion and refer the counterparty to another dealer.
70-740 exam Correct Answer: C
A middle or back office clerk receives an FX ticket in which the counterparty is not clearly identified. What
should he/she do?
A. Keep the ticket in “stand-by mode” until a matching confirmation is received
B. Immediately refer the ticket to the compliance officer
C. Refer the ticket to the FX dealer for further details
D. Refer the ticket to the nostro account manager for further instructions

Correct Answer: C
Which risk factors fall under counterparty risk?
A. Currency risk, interest rate risk and swap risk
B. Settlement risk, delivery risk and replacement cost
C. Operational risk
D. Settlement risk and swap risk
70-740 dumps Correct Answer: B
What are the three successive stages of money laundering?
A. Integration, layering, placement
B. Integration, placement, layering
C. Placement, layering, integration
D. Layering, integration, placement
Correct Answer: B
You spot a rate discrepancy between you and your counterparty on a AUD/USD deal. The deal was traded
direct. You refer the discrepancy to the dealer and he tells you to change the rate.
What should you do?
A. Amend the rate yourself
B. Ask the settlements clerk to amend the rate for you
C. Ask the dealer to manually amend the rate on the ticket and then pass it to the settlements clerk to
D. Make no amendment
70-740 pdf Correct Answer: C
You have been given collateral. In which case would you be least concerned about insisting on a
A. Non-cash emerging markets collateral
B. Cash collateral in JPY, your base currency is GBP
C. Cash collateral in USD, your base currency is USD
D. Non-cash high yield collateral
Correct Answer: C
You have just opened a position in EUR/USD that you run overnight. What risk is present?
A. Settlement, counterparty and equity risk
B. Only counterparty risk
C. Only currency and interest rate risks
D. Settlement, counterparty and market risk
70-740 vce Correct Answer: D
A EUR based bank has a USD-convertible bond. What market risks are present?
A. Interest rate and currency risks
B. Interest rate, stock price and currency risks
C. Stock price and currency risks
D. Stock price risk
Correct Answer: B
For which of the following transactions are proper and completed bilateral master agreements considered
essential prior to any dealing?
A. Spot FX
B. Repo
C. Forward FX
70-740 exam Correct Answer: B
Most non deliverable forwards (NDFs) are cash-settled in:
Correct Answer: B
What information is not explicitly confirmed between the two counterparties of a FX swap transaction using
a MT 300?
A. The rate
B. The amount
C. The swap points
D. Settlement information
70-740 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which of the following statements apply to an FX Swap?
A. It consists of two separate transactions, dealt with two different counterparties.
B. It replaces a pair of foreign exchange transactions.
C. It fully eliminates counterparty risk.
D. It reduces credit risk with the counterparty, as compared to money market deals.
Correct Answer: D
Which interest rates are used to calculate the exchange rate of an outright transaction value tomorrow
(over tom)?
A. The overnight interest rates of both currencies

B. The spot next interest rates of both currencies
C. The one week interest rates of both currencies
D. The torn next interest rates of both currencies
70-740 pdf Correct Answer: D
Your FX swap dealer sold and bought 2 months USD/CHF 10,000,000.00; rates were set to 0.9300
against 0.9285. What payment is your bank expecting in two months from now?
A. CHF 9,300,000.00
B. CHF 10,770,059.24
C. CHF 9,285,000.00
D. USD 10,000,000.00
Correct Answer: D
A month ago, a customer placed NZD 100,000.00 at 2.00% on a time deposit for 90 days. Today, 30 days
later, he requests an anticipated close of his deposit. 2 and 3 month interbank rates are 2.10% bid and
2.20% offered. What do you do?
A. You agree and pay back to the customer the capital plus 2.00% interest calculated on 30 days
B. You agree and pay back to the customer the capital plus 2.00% interest on 30 days less your
refinancing costs of 0.20% calculated on 30 days
C. You agree and pay back to the customer the capital plus 2.00% interest on 30 days less your
refinancing costs of 0.10% calculated on 60 days
D. You agree and pay back to the customer the capital plus 2.00% interest on 90 days minus the
actualization of this amount at 2.20% calculated over 60 days
70-740 vce Correct Answer: D
If the 90-day rate is 3.10% and the 180-day is 3.50%, what is the 120-day rate using straight-line
A. 3.20%
B. 3.21%
C. 3.23%
D. 3.30%
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following are considered money market, cash or derivative instruments?
A. Currency futures
B. Forward FXs
C. Currency options
D. Forward rate agreements (FRA)
70-740 exam Correct Answer: D

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