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Exam Code: 210-260
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Network Security
Q&As: 310

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210-260 dumps

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Given the following Relationships Graph in a FileMaker Pro 12 database:  A layout is based on the table occurrence Class and a portal shows records from the table occurrence Employee If the field Trainer:: Name is placed into the portal, what is the result?
A. The text <Field Missing> is displayed in each row of the portal.
B. Each row shows the name of each enrolled employee’s first related trainer.
C. The name of the first related trainer for the class is repeated in each row of the portal.
D. The name of the trainer for the first class enrolled by the first Employee record of the portal is repeated in each row of the portal.
210-260 exam Answer: C
Which method can be used to sort related records within a portal in a FileMaker Pro 12 database?
A. in Browse Mode, right-click on a field in the portal and choose Sort Ascending from the contextual pop-up menu
B. in Layout Mode, select the portal then choose Sort records in the Behavior section of the Data tab of the Inspector
C. in the Relationships Graph, change the Sort records setting in the Specify Table dialog for the portal’s table occurrence
D. run a script using the Sort Records by Field script step, choosing one of the portal’s related fields and checking the Sort only related records option
E. change the Sort records setting in the Edit Relationship dialog for the last relationship leading to the portal’s table occurrence from the context of the layout’s table occurrence on the Relationships Graph
Answer: E

Which two techniques could be used to generate the data points for a pie chart? (Choose two.)
A. Concatenate multiple number fields from the current record into a return-delimited list
B. Set up multiple data series, each of which points to a number field in the current record
C. Specify a summary field from a related set of records as the data series and put the chart in a Subsummary layout part
D. Specify a summary field from the current found set as the data series and put the chart in a Leading Grand Summary layout part
210-260 dumps Answer: A,D
A database has a Customer table and an Order table. On a layout based on the Customer table there is a portal showing related orders for the current calendar year. The portal does not include a filter formula. There is a calculation field in the Customer table, zSumOrders, that adds up the total amount of all the customer’s orders for the year. zSumOrders is included on the layout. Assuming no changes to the data, what may cause the displayed value of zSumOrders on a customer record to change?
A. In Layout Mode, move the zSumOrders field into the Orders portal row
B. Add one or more sort criteria to the relationship on which the Orders portal is based
C. Add a portal filter using Filter Portal Records so only unpaid orders will be displayed
D. Change the criteria of the portal’s relationship to further limit the set of records displayed in the
Orders portal
Answer: D
Which statement is true of container fields in FileMaker Pro 12?
A. A user can insert a file using Store only a reference to the file if the container is set to Store container data externally
B. OLE objects can be inserted into container fields if the field is set for Interactive content using  the Inspector in Layout mode.
C. Files stored (not referenced) in containers fields defined to Store container data externally can be opened by a double-click in Browse mode.
D. A container optimized for Interactive content using the Inspector in Layout mode will render HTML files as web pages in Browse mode.
E. A container must be optimized for Interactive content using the Inspector in Layout mode to allow drag and drop insertion of files into the container.
210-260 pdf Answer: A
Which statement is true about the Filter Portal Records feature in FileMaker Pro 12?
A. The portal filter formula must refer to at least one field in the immediately related table.
B. The feature requires one or more additional relationships to be added to the Relationships Graph.
C. The portal filter formula may not refer to any globally stored fields, summary fields, or unstored calculation fields.
D. There can be one unique filter formula applied for each portal state (Normal State, In Focus, Hover, or Pressed)
E. Aggregate functions (e.g., Sum, Count) based on the portal’s relationship will not be affected by the portal’s filter formula.
Answer: E
Which two statements are true about OnTimer triggers? (Choose two.)
A. They only run when the application is idle.
B. OnTimer triggers are configured in the File Options dialog.
C. Different OnTimer scripts can be installed in different windows.
D. Days and times can be specified when the OnTimer script activates.
210-260 vce Answer: A,C

A file has the following script specified for OnLastWindowClose:
Allow User Abort [Off]
Exit Script [Result; False]
Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]
Assume the Layout Setup dialog for the current layout is set to Save record changes automatically. When a user attempts to close the file, what will be the result?
A. The file will close and the current record will be committed.
B. The file will close and the current record will not be committed.
C. The file will remain open and the current record will be committed.
D. The file will remain open and the current record will not be committed
Answer: C

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