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Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) messages occur in many situations, such as whenever a datagram cannot reach the destination or the gateway does not have the buffering capacity to forward a datagram. Each ICMP message contains three fields: type, code, and checksum. Different types of Internet Control Message Protocols (ICMP) are identified by a TYPE field.

If the destination is not reachable, which one of the following is generated?

A. Type 8 ICMP codes
B. Type 12 ICMP codes
C. Type 3 ICMP codes
D. Type 7 ICMP codes
Correct Answer: C


John, the penetration testing manager in a pen testing firm, needs to prepare a pen testing pricing report for a client.

Which of the following factors does he need to consider while preparing the pen testing pricing report?

A. Number of employees in the client organization
B. Complete structure of the organization
C. Number of client computers to be tested and resources required to perform a pen test
D. Number of servers available in the client organization
Correct Answer: C


An organization has deployed a web application that uses encoding techniques before transmitting the data over the Internet. This encoding technique helps the organization to hide confidential data such as user credentials, email attachments, etc. when in transit. This encoding technique takes 3 bytes of binary data and divides it into four chunks of 6 bits. Each chunk is further encoded into its respective printable character.

Identify the encoding technique employed by the organization?

A. Unicode encoding
B. Base64 encoding
C. URL encoding
D. HTMS encoding
Correct Answer: B


What are the security risks of running a “repair” installation for Windows XP?

A. There are no security risks when running the “repair” installation for Windows XP
B. Pressing Shift+F1 gives the user administrative rights
C. Pressing Ctrl+F10 gives the user administrative rights
D. Pressing Shift+F10 gives the user administrative rights
Correct Answer: D


David is a penetration tester and he is attempting to extract password hashes from the Oracle database.

Which of the following utilities should Dave employ in order to brute-force password hashes from Oracle databases?

B. Orabf
C. Opwg
Correct Answer: B


Larry is an IT consultant who works for corporations and government agencies. Does Larry plan on shutting down the city\’s network using BGP devices and Zombies?

What type of Penetration Testing is Larry planning to carry out?

A. Internal Penetration Testing
B. Firewall Penetration Testing
C. DoS Penetration Testing
D. Router Penetration Testing
Correct Answer: C


Stanley, a pentester needs to perform various tests to detect SQL injection vulnerabilities. He has to make a list of all input fields whose values could be used in crafting a SQL query. This includes the hidden fields of POST requests and then tests them separately, attempting to interfere with the query and cause an error to generate as a result.

In which of the following tests is the source code of the application tested in a non-runtime environment to detect the SQL injection vulnerabilities?

A. Dynamic Testing
B. Static Testing
C. Function Testing
D. Source Code Testing
Correct Answer: B


Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) messages occur in many situations, such as whenever a
datagram cannot reach the destination or the gateway does not have the buffering capacity to forward a
datagram. Each ICMP message contains three fields: type, code, and checksum.
Different types of Internet Control Message Protocols (ICMP) are identified by a type and code field.

Which of the following ICMP messages will be generated if the destination port is not reachable?

A. ICMP Type 11 code 1
B. ICMP Type 5 code 3
C. ICMP Type 3 code 2
D. ICMP Type 3 code 3
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following policies helps secure data and protects the privacy of organizational information?

A. Special-Access Policy
B. Document retention Policy
C. Cryptography Policy
D. Personal Security Policy
Correct Answer: C


Joe, an ECSA certified professional, is working on a pen testing engagement for one of his SME clients. He discovered the host file in one of the Windows machines has the following entry:
After performing a Whois lookup, Joe discovered the IP does not refer to The network
admin denied modifying the host files.

Which type of attack does this scenario present?

A. DNS starvation
B. DNS poisoning
C. Phishing
D. MAC spoofing
Correct Answer: B


Rule of Engagement (ROE) is the formal permission to conduct a pen-test. It provides top-level guidance for conducting penetration testing. Various factors are considered while preparing the scope of ROE which clearly explain the limits associated with the security test.

Which of the following factors is NOT considered while preparing the scope of the Rules of Engagement (ROE)?

A. A list of employees in the client organization
B. A list of acceptable testing techniques
C. Specific IP addresses/ranges to be tested
D. Points of contact for the penetration testing team
Correct Answer: A


A pen tester has extracted a database name by using a blind SQL injection. Now he begins to test the table inside the database using the below query and finds the table:; IF (LEN(SELECT TOP 1 NAME from sysobjects where xtype=\’U\’)=3) WAITFOR DELAY \’00:00:10\’-; IF (ASCII(lower(substring((SELECT TOP 1 NAME from sysobjects where xtype=char(85)),1,1)))=101) WAITFOR DELAY \’00:00:10\’-; IF (ASCII(lower(substring((SELECT TOP 1 NAME from sysobjects

where xtype=char(85)),2,1)))=109) WAITFOR DELAY \’00:00:10\’-; IF
(ASCII(lower(substring((SELECT TOP 1 NAME from sysobjects where xtype=char(85)),3,1)))=112) WAITFOR DELAY\’00:00:10\’-What is the table name?

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following pre-engagement documents identifies the systems to be tested, types of tests, and the depth of the testing?

A. Draft Report
B. Letter of Intent
C. Rule of Engagement
D. Authorization Letter
Correct Answer: C

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EC-COUNCIL ECSAV10 exam practice questions(q1-q13)

Nancy Jones is a network admin at Society Technology Ltd. When she is trying to send data packets from
one network (Token-ring) to another network (Ethernet), she receives an error message stating:
\\’Destination unreachable\\’
What is the reason behind this?
A. Packet is lost
B. Packet fragmentation is required
C. Packet contains image data
D. Packet transmission is not done properly
Correct Answer: D

Jessica works as systems administrator for a large electronics firm. She wants to scan her network quickly to detect live
hosts by using ICMP ECHO Requests. What type of scan is Jessica going to perform?
A. Smurf scan
B. Tracert
C. Ping trace
D. ICMP ping sweep
Correct Answer: D

Thomas is an attacker and he skimmed through the HTML source code of an online shopping website for the presence
of any vulnerabilities that he can exploit. He already knows that when a user makes any selection of items in the online
shopping webpage, the selection is typically stored as form field values and sent to the application as an HTTP request
(GET or POST) after clicking the Submit button. He also knows that some fields related to the selected items are
modifiable by the user (like quantity, color, etc.) and some are not (like price). While skimming through the HTML code,
he identified that the price field values of the items are present in the HTML code. He modified the price field values of
certain items from $200 to $2 in the HTML code and submitted the request successfully to the application. Identify the
type of attack performed by Thomas on the online shopping website?
A. Session poisoning attack
B. Hidden field manipulation attack
C. HTML embedding attack
D. XML external entity attack
Correct Answer: C

SecInfo is a leading cyber security provider who recently hired Andrew, a security analyst. He was assigned the task of
identifying vulnerabilities in the NFC devices by performing an attack on them. In this process, he was present with his
device in the close proximity with the NFC devices that are sharing data so that he can eavesdrop on the data and at
the same time block the transmission to the receiver. He then manipulated the captured data and further relayed the
data to the receiver. Identify the type of attack performed by Andrew on the target NFC devices?
A. Ticket cloning
B. MITM attack
C. DoS attack
D. Virus attack
Correct Answer: B

You work as an IT security auditor hired by a law firm in Boston to test whether you can gain access to sensitive
information about the company clients. You have rummaged through their trash and found very little information. You do
not want to set off any alarms on their network, so you plan on performing passive foot printing against their Web
servers. What tool should you use?
A. Nmap
B. Netcraft
C. Ping sweep
D. Dig
Correct Answer: B

A recent study from HyThech Technologies found that three of the most popular websites are having most commonly
exploitable flaw in their web applications. Using this vulnerability, an attacker may inject malicious code that can be
executed on a user\\’s machine. Also, the study revealed that most sensitive target of this vulnerability is stealing
session cookies. This helps attackers to duplicate the user session and access anything the user can perform on a
website like manipulating personal information, creating fake social media posts, stealing credit card information and
performing unauthorized financial transactions, etc. Identify the vulnerability revealed by HyThech Technologies?
A. DoS vulnerability
B. Buffer overflow vulnerability
C. Insecure decentralization vulnerability
D. XSS vulnerability
Correct Answer: D

Christen is a renowned SQL penetration testing specialist in the US. A multinational ecommerce company hired him to
check for vulnerabilities in the SQL database. Christen wanted to perform SQL penetration testing on the database by
entering a massive amount of data to crash the web application of the company and discover coding errors that may
lead to a SQL injection attack. Which of the following testing techniques is Christen using?
A. Fuzz Testing
B. Stored Procedure Injection
C. Union Exploitation
D. Automated Exploitation
Correct Answer: A

The penetration testers are required to follow predefined standard frameworks in making penetration
testing reporting formats.
Which of the following standards does NOT follow the commonly used methodologies in penetration
A. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
B. Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF)
C. Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
D. American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following pre-engagement documents identifies the systems to be tested, types of tests, and the depth of
the testing?
A. Draft Report
B. Letter of Intent
C. Rule of Engagement
D. Authorization Letter
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is the objective of Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?
A. To ease the transfer of financial information between institutions and banks
B. To protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data
C. To set a new or enhanced standards for all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms
D. To certify the accuracy of the reported financial statement
Correct Answer: A

Which one of the following acts related to the information security in the US fix the responsibility of management for
establishing and maintaining an adequate internal control structure and procedures for financial reporting?
A. California SB 1386
B. Sarbanes-Oxley 2002
C. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
D. USA Patriot Act 2001
Correct Answer: B

TCP/IP provides a broad range of communication protocols for the various applications on the network. The TCP/IP
model has four layers with major protocols included within each layer. Which one of the following protocols is used to
collect information from all the network devices?
A. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
B. Network File system (NFS)
C. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
D. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Correct Answer: A

Which port does DHCP use for client connections?
A. UDP port 67
B. UDP port 68
C. UDP port 69
D. UDP port 66
Correct Answer: B

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